Debit cards or Pre-paid plastic cards are used both in banking financial segments as well as for loyalty and retail segment. These cards can be plain pre-numbered cards or magnetic stripe cards. The customer can load value and each time there is a transaction the value can be reduced from the database. Application include gaming parlours, internet services, TELEPHONE / SCRATCH CARDs and any area where a fixed monetary value is assigned and a reducing balance maintained. Gift cards also fall into this category.

We can provide not just the plastic card but the complete backend software and solution based on cloud computing to run your entire pre-paid card issue programme. This tried and tested platform allows you to have complete control of your data and avoids payment to third party solution providers on perpetuity.

We also offer a full service Bureau facility for PERSONALIZATION of financial cards that includes Embossing/encoding/tipping as well as fulfilment of banking cards.

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