Blank white plastic cards as well as pre-printed plastic cards, all manufactured to ISO standard, for use with all types of plastic card printers. From our own tests we have found our Plastic Cards provide enhanced print quality and image sharpness needed for vivid colours and detailed readable barcodes. Most items can be supplied direct from stock.

  • Plain white cards (250, 480 & 760 micron)
  • Plain coloured cards
  • Plain white cards with signature panel
  • Plain white cards with LoCo or HiCo magnetic stripe
  • Plain white cards with HiCo or LoCo magnetic stripe and signature panel
  • Coloured cards with magnetic stripe and signature panel options
  • Self adhesive cards

Pre-Printed Plastic Cards

Also available are high quality printed PVC cards at very economic prices. All plastic cards are produced, from artwork supplied to ISO standards, suitable for further card PERSONALIZATION with card printers and embossers. Cards are manufactured using the latest 'State of the Art' card production technology. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Depending on the specification, cards can be printed by the traditional screen print or litho print processes. For the smaller volumes digital printing is an economic method of producing cards in a very short timeframe.

Advantages of using our pre-printed plastic cards.

  • Saving in costs as back side need not be printed
  • Faster throughput.
  • More consistent output in terms of colour and logos
  • Longer headlife means saving on operations.
  • Logo colours can be matched more accurately.
  • Fixed data completely permanent and cannot be erased and does not fade
  • Possibility to have bleed designs and metallic colors like silver/gold.
  • Fewer wastages of blank cards as well as ribbons.

We offer cards suitable for the following plastic card printer brands

Evolus, Datacard, Fargo, Eltron, Zebra card printing machines