Transparent Plastic business visiting cards offer you the advantage of a high-impact first impression. Compared to a traditional plastic card the difference is immediately apparent. Transparent Plastic business cards leave a lasting impression on your clients, putting your best image forward and sticking with them. Tired of your prospective clients throwing away your business cards? Transparent Plastic Business Cards are the solution!Our Cards are printed on Transparent PVC Card Stock that is identical to the PVC Card Stock used to print credit cards on. It is tough, waterproof, and the quality and extra effort you put into your self promotion will be immediately apparent.

Our transparent plastic card stock is a semi opaque transparent plastic card that is great for cards where information needs to be easily readable over any background. With a clear card text can be lost if the card is held over a dark surface but with our Transparent Card Stock this is no longer a problem. We also offer a white base option that allows the contrast to increase thus increasing the visibility and enhancing the appearance of the visiting card.

Advantages of Transparent Plastic Cards

• Attention Getting
• Unique Appearance
• Scratch Resistant
• Greater Contrast for Design
• True Frosted Appearance, not simulated by printing white!
• Printed in halftones as well as mettalic colours
• Waterproof
• Tearproof
• Ability to create unique design concept expressions
• Helps create a sphisticated diffrentiated image