We manufacture and supply magnetic stripe printed plastic cards that are in complete conformance with the ISO-7810 standards . These cards can easily be custom printed and encoded. Our range includes both low-coercivity cards as well as high-coercivity cards that is 300 oersted as well as 2750 oe standards that are resistant to frequent data erasure problems. Our cards are used for banking,access control,loyalty,and a range of applications needing auto ID.



Magnetic stripe plastic cards record data on the stripe by a process called encoding. There are two broad card type Loco 300 OE and Hico 2750 OE. The advantage of the Hico format is that accidental data erasure problem is minimized. Magnetic stripes store the data in three tracks and can record alphanumeric data. The main advantage of this card type is the low cost and proven reliability. Hence magnetic stripe cards find wide application from banking credit cards, ATM cards, access cards, loyalty cards to any application that requires keyless indexation of a database.


    card encoder             card reader


Magnetic card encoders read and encode on various magnetic stripe cards. Magnetic encoder uses a programmed algorithm. The Encoder reads the data from the magstripes by analyzing the electronic signals. It is a device that performs both reading and writing of magnetic stripe cards. Manual swipe magnetic card reader/writer is designed to offer a card reading/writing solution for ISO7811-6 format. It reads and writes upto 3 tracks of data. e.g encoding / decoding and verifying upto 3 tracks of data simultaneously. All readers can read any magnetic card (Hico/Loco). However to encode a Hico card the stripe should be a Hico stripe. Likewise a Loco stripe is good only for Loco. Magnetic stripe card encoders for low volumes are of the swipe type whereas the high volume readers are motorized.