Customer Retail & Hospitality Loyalty Program

Loyalty Programme Automation - Web enabled CRM software for retail and hospitality Industries

Data Collection

  • We recommend the data that needs to be collected from the customers.
  • We map this data to their spend behaviour and extract interesting details about their patterns.
  • A lot of our marketing efforts are dependants on this data, so it is one of the most crucial links of the program.
  • Data is stored in securely.

Segmentation and Filtering

  • We filter this data to see patterns and fit them into Different segments classified by various demographic factors.
  • These segments are based on age, sex, area, income, frequency of visits, spend amounts, response rate to DMs, etc.
  • This is the core feature of our Customer Loyalty Platform

Communication Tools

  • The CLP can automatically send out emails, SMSs, and print labels for physical mail.
  • Seamlessly import large lists into the CLP, filter the Data and then send out mass communication either through email blasts or SMSs.
  • Clients can store custom email and SMS templates from which they can choose while sending Out campaigns

Offers and Promotions

  • You can run numerous different types of offers and Promotions using the CLP.
  • Discount coupons, special discount periods, or Weekend offers, etc
  • The CLP can complement as your complete web based Marketing tool kit.

Points Engine                                                            

  • Our points engine tracks every transaction by every customer at all times, across multiple channels.
  • Each item on each bill is linked to the customer along with its associated points earned.
  • The complete point history is stored and reflects the transaction history, including returns.

Rewards Engine

  • Set up rewards against points.
  • Customers can redeem rewards against future room Reservations, spends in restaurants, and other facilities.
  • We set up a rewards catalogue for redemption of points.
  • The CLP offers a lot of flexibility in the setting up business rules for setting up reward rules

Cutomer Support Module

  • The platform is extendable to support call center activities where all interactions with the customer can be stored.
  • This can be integrated to cover all interaction channels. 
  • It has an appointment module, which sets reminders for CSRs.

Web Services

  • Almost all of the CLPs functionalities are available as web services which can easily integrate with other applications that exist in the operating environment.
  • Interoperability is made easy using an extensive web services library set.

Cross Channel Compatibility

  • The CLP can integrate with all cross channel activities of the Client.
  • From operations that are handled within the premises, to call center operations (bookings, enquiries, etc), to online activities like reservations, account details, redemption catalogue, etc.

Reporting / OLAP Analysis

  • Get a large number of built in reports which gives a 360 degree view of the operations within the Loyalty Program and related activities.
  • These reports can be triggered off to the management on a scheduled basis.
  • Drag and drop custom variables and build reports using cubes

Data Visualization                                                      

  • Get reports in graphical formats.
  • Makes for easy analysis of data.